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Everyone’s life tells a story. Everyone’s story is unique. It is easy - particularly in voluntary or public sector work - to allow that story to tell itself. We have chosen to consciously, deliberately, create the story we wanted to tell - not through invention of the imagination, but through acting out a dream.

Although the idea predated the form, the dream was truly born during a 3 week, 4,500km road trip trough through South Africa in December 2002. A lot of distance on the road and a lot of road was the culture in which it was bred. Shortly after our return to Scotland, we went up to our friend Lisa's ‘bolt-hole’ in Perthshire. It was one of those deep-sofa, warm drink chats that turned to the subject of dreams. Our friend Kathy said of the trans-Africa idea, “well if it’s a dream, you must do it.” As simple as that. That was January 2003.

This web site was born in January 2004, as part of our preparations for departure in August 2004. We hope you enjoy what's here, whether you're a voyeur or planning a similar trip yourself. With any luck, we'll be able to keep the site updated on the way, diary-style, although that will depend on cyber cafes because while the budget has been extended to a satellite 'phone, this is for safety / security, rather than data transfer (and anyway, we got an ex-demo model for about half the usual price).

It is possible to email us on africansnails @ (no spaces. Sorry, no longer a click-able link due to SPAM)

finally updated 15 August (and before that, 13 July) 2005, at the end of the journey.
The Land Rover